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Name: Nandan Choithani
Contact Info: 8109002311
Address: Brimatec Solutions, Adarsh Kuti, Kachiyana Road , Gole Bazar, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482002, India
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Brimatec Solutions

LED Light

AC LED Luminary, LED Back Light, LED Bulb, LED G-Strip, LED Slim Panel Light, LED Surface Panel Light, LED , Tube light, Multi-LED Flood Light


Solar LED, Solar Panels, Solar Power Pack, Solar Power Plant, Solar Street Lighting Solution, Solar Water Heating Solution,Solar Water Pump, 


Wireless Remote Operated Devices, PIR Motion Sensors, Programmable Timer,Automatic Water Level Controller

3D Printing

Affordable and accessible 3D printing is the mission and vision of Brimatec in which we provide affordable and accurate model of unlimited fields. Create high-quality 3D prints in over pla materials. Products are made to order and delivered wherever you are in the country.

UPS Inverter & Battery

SMF Battery, Tubular Battery, UPS Inverter


Motor Running Capacitor, Motor Starting Capacitor


Lawn Mower Robot, Weight Carrying Robot, Grill Cleaning Robot, Packaging Robot 


Address :- Adarsh Kuti, Kachiyana Chowk , Gole Bazar, Wright Town, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482002, India


Phone :- 8109002311